2016 Auckland Wing Chun Hong Kong Trip

September 2016 saw Auckland Wing Chun’s first visit to Hong Kong for intensive Wing Chun training. We stayed for 12 days and shared a hotel room to save on accomodation expenses.IMG_4580

We started our training with John Kaufman, a person who started his Wing Chun journey in the states under several Yip Man linages as well as Pin Sun Wing Chun before finding Chu Shong Tin Wing Chun. As soon as we arrived, John welcomed us warmly and the discussions soon turned to Wing Chun. John was a wealth of knowledge and really changed the way we perceive Wing Chun. His passion for Wing Chun is limitless and it is clear that he could happy to train and talk Wing Chun all day.




In the evening we went to train at Ma Kee Fai’s school. Ma’s school is very hard to find as it is located within an industrial apartment complex and there no signs IMG_4125advertising his school. Ma is a very warm and humble teacher who welcomed us into his school. His training hours go from 2pm to 11pm Monday to Friday. Ma’s students were also very warm and welcoming and shared their knowledge freely. AnothIMG_4147er great thing about Ma’s school is that many of the great students Chu Shong Tin’s often come to Ma’s school to train.

We will hopefully write more about our training with both these teachers. We left Hong Kong highly inspired and keen to go back again soon for training. We hope we can make it a more regular event and have more Kiwis joining us.IMG_4150IMG_4156IMG_4064





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