Nima King discussing kicking stability

This is a great clip of Nima King explaining kicking in Wing Chun.

Some important points from this video:

  1. When your core is affected, your power is lost when you punch or kick.
  2. You want to develop the skill of kicking or punching while your core and center of mass is stable so that if someone was to push you or try to affect your mass, it would not be affected. E.g. If you kick, and someone pushes on your chest, can maintain your balance.
  3. You can use the opponent’sĀ force to rotate your central axis to aid the force of a strike.
  4. You can take force from the center.
  5. The support (i.e. a single leg standing) does not have to be the ‘power source’. And if you do make the supporting leg of your kick the power source (like what is natural to do), it can be bad for you if someone kicks this leg while you kick. However, if your power source is your center, you supporting leg won’t be affected if it is kicked.

I have never done the types of drills done in this video, but am looking forward to giving it a try.




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