Chi Sau Discussion – Nima King

Chi Sau Discussion with Nima King 

This discussion of chi sao with Nima King raises excellent points that we all need to be reminded of. For one thing, we need to stay away of the fact that chi sao is not fighting. It’s not a competition. It’s not about winning against your partner. But it’s ALL about what you should be doing and thinking.

Another excellent point here is that we do not always have to strike when we feel an opening. As he correctly says “Why do you need to hit them? You know what is going on?” This is very true. And it should be true for the partner too. To me, it is obvious when I am rolling with someone better than me, when I am open regardless of whether they hit me or not. This approach to Chi Sao could be uniquely Chu Shong Tin thinking. In out lineage, relaxation, balance and calmness of mind are of prime importance. But if you are getting scrappy with your partner, or even just holding onto a competitive feeling, then you are nowhere near as relaxed and calm as you could be. And certainly not as calm and relaxed as you will need to be to progress in this very difficult and demanding version of Wing Chun!



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